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Pattern Weights - 'Sewing Mends the Soul' Bee Design - Set of 4-Loubodu Fabrics-Loubodu Fabrics

Pattern Weights - 'Sewing Mends the Soul' Bee Design - Set of 4

Loubodu Fabrics
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These beautiful pattern weights are perfect gift for any sewist!

Pattern weights protect your fabric scissors. Catching the blade on a pin can ruin the blades making them unusable. Pattern weights help prevent this and save time.The printing is waterproof and is made of a tough scratch resistant print. All metals have a smooth finish. The weights are made of solid metals and 5mm thick allowing free movement should any adjustments need to be made. They come in three diameters: 40mm, 50mm and 60mm, all are 5mm thick.

Weight per Pattern Weight: 75 grams

Diameter: 50mm

Design by Stacey Turner

Designed and made in the UK